Self Discovery Paper Assignment #1

Self Discovery Paper #1

Daniel Shalik

Marketing Your Image Mar-106

Instructor- Vicki Befort

My Ideal Life

My choice of residence is Denver, Colorado where I have lived for the past seven years. Denver is a progressive City where the quality of life is top notch in comparison to other American Cities. The added bonus of having four major league sports teams here cements my selection My preference of an ideal job is working as a career counselor at a Veteran’s Administration Office or a College in Colorado. The ranch style that I chosen to live in is located near Parker, Colorado which is available on the market now. My dream vacation would be Hawaii. It is a tropical paradise that is part of the United States and a place where I have never been.

Ten Best Careers

My own personal 10 best careers are:

1. Transportation Security Officer (TSO) Homeland Security

2. Career Counselor (VA or college)

3. Teacher

4. Writer

5. Journalist

6. Editor

7. Media Specialist

8. Public Relations

9. Mediator

10. Media Planner

The above choices were obtained from suggested lists of jobs after taking an internet career quiz (Review) These are jobs that I have always wanted to do. The first job on the list is -Transportation Security Officer, a job that I have already tested for and currently awaiting an airport assessment appointment. The other jobs on the list are jobs that I am suited for according to Princeton Review Career Quiz.

My ideal job would be working as a career counselor for the Veteran’s Administration or a College in Colorado. I feel that according to my attributes outlined in the results of the quiz which included humanistic, editing, teaching and mediating, I could put my skills to good use. The results of the Princeton quiz also described my style as yellow which included orderly, cautious, structured, loyal, systematic, methodical and organized. I came to the conclusion that this describes working for the government. After working for the Government over 25 years I realized that this is where I would feel most comfortable.

I also considered the results of the Personality test or the Keirsey Temperament Sorter Personality Instrument. ( The personality quiz results explained that I would be able to use my inner beliefs as a guide to empower others. My personality type being an Idealist stated that I am naturally drawn to working with people whether it is in education or counseling, in social services or personnel work, and also in journalism. Ministry was also on the list but I am not interested in that. After I read that report I actually got goose bumps. A contradictory summation was also included in the personality report where it stated that although I am comfortable with leadership, I do not like hierarchies. That may make me rethink my choice in considering working for the government.

Mirror Method Of Identifying Your Dream Job

The three people that I have chosen to mirror jobs that I would like to have more than anything in the world are:

1. Rick Sanchez (CNN News Anchor )

2. Misty Montano (CBS Channel 4 Assignment Editor)

3. Michael McManus (ACC Academic Advisor)

After completing the exercise of writing down what attracts me to each of these jobs I came up with a few common denominators. Service and helping people are what all three of these people do on a daily basis. That must give them personal satisfaction that their jobs are making a difference to people and helping them. That is attractive to me. The other thing that I noticed that was common to all three that I wrote down is that all three people working these jobs have control over their own work environment. Each of them has their own office and has control over their work space while editing their own material. Mr. McManus does not have as much control probably because he cannot stray from the curriculum and rules of the college, but all jobs have rules that you have to abide by. Two of the three people probably are making good money and I am not so sure if Mr. McManus is making a bundle at his job but I am sure it is sufficient. I tried to be realistic in at least one of my choices. I am comfortable knowing that working a job that is helping people would suit me well.

I actually had a chance to interview Misty Montano via email. I contacted her on twitter and she was nice enough to email me back by answering three questions. The best thing that she likes about her job was that it was exciting and it gave her an adrenaline high and her workday moves quickly. She also enjoys having control over what gets aired and is responsible for the logistics of assigning reporters and equipment including helicopters and satellite trucks. She likes the planning aspect of her job and it probably gives her satisfaction in knowing that the station entrust her with her judgment. To me that would be important if my employer entrusted me with huge responsibility. The one aspect of her job that she did not like was the downside of possibly making the wrong judgment and failing on an assignment. Although she gets credit when things are going well, she also has to take the brunt of responsibility when things do not go as planned. She also does not like taking phone calls from irate listeners. That is also part of her job. Misty had planned on being in the news business since she watched journalist cover the Gulf War in Desert Storm as an 8th grader. She pursued her dream by attending college, taking the right course and she considered herself lucky to be hired in Denver a few months after graduation.

I have learned through these exercises that I would be happy working a job that I had some sort of control over my own environment and work space. I also have learned that I take great satisfaction in working a job that other people are not only helped but would feel appreciation for my efforts. I also have learned that I would like to work a job where I feel that I would be making a difference and not counting widgets in a corner in an office behind fake walls. I have also learned that I would be more comfortable working with a team or a group of people and take initiative in projects. The three people that I have outlined also have a certain amount of freedom in their jobs because their employers have entrusted them with responsibility. That would also give me satisfaction.

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