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Customer Service Discussion #2

The service philosophy of the customer service organization where I work is dedicated to providing the best possible customer service which includes pricing items at low cost, describing items to the best possible description before purchasing and follow up on a customer purchase. Standing by the mission statement of “Providing high quality home products at an affordable price” is an everyday occurrence.

The one aspect that makes my organization unique is the divergence of the multiplicity of products. There are standby products that loyal customers expect when they visit my online store, but there are also seasonal products that my repeat customers expect also. Such as football, basketball, baseball and hockey sport team items.

The one factor that stands out about employee performance in my company is that I am willing to go the extra mile to satisfy my customer especially when it comes to exchanges on products that they may not be completely satisfied with for whatever reason.

Factors of the culture that detract from the effectiveness of my company pertain primarily to the very nature of the ordering and shopping venue, online. This is a challenge but not an obstacle. Servicing a customer online takes a little more effort than it would if you would be dealing with a customer face to face. The culture of online shopping does not detract from my mission statement of providing customers with quality home products at a low price.

I prefer the definition of empowerment that was used in the article under the course/content materials section of this course. “To empower means to entrust, it is much more than just telling employees they must create answers and be responsible for that answer, that’s passing the buck”. The book simply describes empowerment to be, “the giving of decision making and problem resolution authority to lower level employees in an organization”.

I recently had an experience in which I had purchased parking tickets at a park n’ ride at the RTD park and ride on East Calley and Arapahoe. The first 24 hours are free; I wanted to leave my auto at the facility for 5 days at a $1.00 a day. Not a bad deal really, especially considering the parking rates at the airport. I had purchased 5 days with a $5.00 bill and mistakenly put in an extra $1.00. I also had purchased tickets for Sky Ride to the airport for $12.00. Unfortunately, the tickets were only good for 1 hour, and I hadn’t planned on using them for another 3 hours. So much for buying my tickets early to save time. I had called the customer service RTD number listed on their website and was introduced to a very matter of fact rude representative when I explained my dilemma. She told me that I was out of luck, and that I would have to purchase tickets again and kiss my $12.00 goodbye. I called another RTD number that I had and eventually straightened the situation out, but it made me wonder why some people are put in the position of working with the general public. The other number that I had called , I had called on accident a few days prior, and the person at RTD was very nice and understanding about the situation. I wish all the employees at the RTD were as nice as she was over the phone. I am still wondering about whether or not my car will have a ticket on it, because I had purchased 2 separate tickets, one for 5 days, and 1 for one day. I didn’t know which one the computer of the parking meter attendant would use. Oh well. No one could even answer my question about that one, but the nice lady I talked to at the RTD told me that if I had any problems that I should just call her. What more could I ask for? Even with impending and looming disaster all is not lost.

The lack of empowerment that I experienced is when I asked a driver a question about the above problems and he just told me that “He didn’t have the authority to answer that question, that he was just a driver”. I thanked him anyway because now I knew I had one of my answers for this quiz on this discussion board that I could use, so I was somewhat happy about that.

As a follow up footnote to this discussion, when I returned from my trip, my car was not ticketed as I had paid for the required number of days. The RTD AT bus route to the Arapahoe Station which was supposed to be at the aisle 5 depot at the DIA airport at 10:00 p.m. eventually showed up at 10:30. I was home at 11:30. I still consider it a deal to only pay a $1.00 a day to park at the Park & Ride, with the $12.00 ticket fare each way back and forth to the airport. Gas savings and wear and tear on the car was also my consideration for using this service. RTD also sent me a Free pass to use until the end of this year.

Daniel Shalik


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Arapahoe Community College Graduate of 2010 - Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration - Works full time - United States Government Department of the Treasury - Lives in Buffalo, New York
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