Google Optimization on Bonanzle

The Google Optimization program here works great. Go to My Bonanzle and click on the Google optimization. I just joined here a few days ago – imported Ebay items and have been edited my items to remove Ebay links. (only fair to Bonanzle) It is a tedious process but most of my Ebay items do not have RSS graphics (some do) and all of the important item description text was imported. It is interesting to note that the import did not pick up many item specifics.
Your item specifics is the key to google optimization. When you are listing an item, do not ignore the bottom left hand side of your listing block. You will not be able to see the optimization until you actually put your item in a category. Very important to put your item in the proper category if you want your listing to appear on a google page.
Once you have put your item in a category – then click on your item specifics to add Condition – New – Used – etc.
Also if you are listing movies, dvds, books , tapes etc. include as much of the item specifics as possible. UPC code is important , ISBN number is important. The more you add , the more your listing will be visible to millions of viewers on the google pages.
Kudos to Bonanzle for adding this very important tool in the listing page. (This info is for listing individually)
To bulk edit your listings is a breeze. It took me less than an hour to edit my item specifics of over 200 listings.
More than half of my items did not have item specifics and would not have been listed on google if I did not use the bulk editor. Important – once you are done with one page- SAVE – your work and move on to the next page. If you added all of your item specifics and move on to the next page without saving your work will be lost. There will be a message on the top of your page noting that your specifics were saved.
Even FEEBAY – does not have tools such as this. As a matter of fact, many of their item specifics get lost or not included for some reason I noticed – as was evidenced when I used the FEEBAY import tool. That is why many sellers on their site do not get the exposure of their items. On Bonanzle – all of your items get exposure – not just a selected few such as FEEBAY. This is why I enjoy this site – because the owners of this company Bonanzle , really understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and offer tools for sellers to use to get the most out of your listings.
I know this is getting a little long – so I will cut it short. I hope this has helped someone to understand exactly how “syndication” with affiliate sites and google optimization works. Many syndicated sites pick up google listings anyway – anyone who uses traffic reports on FEEBAY can see that their are many other search engines who crawl for key words and relist your products(listings) or links on their site also.
Happy Holidays to everyone and a prosperous New Year!
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