10 Things That Annoy Me During Dinner Hour

Following is a list of things that annoy me during dinner hour:

1. People who point with their forks with food splashing from it

2. People who reach over your plate for something

3. People who actually ask me if I am going to eat that ?

4. People who actually take food from my plate and eat it without asking. (romantic dinners I am ok with that )

5. People who stare at my plate and critique my eating likes and dislikes such as pepper, hot sauce, etc.

6. People who pretend that their food is good even though they undercooked it, burned it, or did not spice it up (bland).

7. People that do not know how to use a napkin.

8. Any animal near the food table – cat , dog, whatever – Feeding an animal from the table is even worse.

9. Just because your are finished eating does not mean I am finished eating so stop cleaning the freaking table!

10 Finally, last but not least is don’t be offended because I do not like what you cooked.


About dfirefox

Arapahoe Community College Graduate of 2010 - Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration - Works full time - United States Government Department of the Treasury - Lives in Buffalo, New York
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