Condoms are Frustrating

Have you ever returned anything to a store before to get your money back?
I deal with this on a daily basis as a manager. Yesterday’s return product might surprise you but it is in line with company policy that as long as you have your receipt/or not you are entitled to a refund.
A woman walked in and wanted to return a pack of condoms and they were opened no less. No they weren’t used ( but I did wash my hands thoroughly after handling the pack of condoms).
Not only were they opened but one of the condoms in the pack was partially ripped. My guess is that the guy changed his mind or after struggling with the pack of condoms to rip it open he didn’t have any use for it anymore. George on Seinfeld had an episode on that very topic in one of their classic shows.
The woman seemed frustrated and I can understand why especially when I uncontrollably laughed the whole time I was processing the refund.
Have a Good Day!

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About dfirefox

Arapahoe Community College Graduate of 2010 - Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration - Works full time - United States Government Department of the Treasury - Lives in Buffalo, New York
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