Ode to the Bills written by Dan Shalik (Bills fan)


Ode to the Bills

There once was a team off the shores of Lake Erie

Where opponents once feared as the weather was dreary

The road to the Super Bowl once came through this city

The wagons were circled and the girls dressed up pretty

Kelly, Smith, Thomas and Reed were frightening names that opponents dreaded

The diehard fans knew where the Bills were headed

A circuslike atmosphere was soon to be found

Where on every street corner a tent of souvenirs waited for a team to be crowned

Peddlers, vendors and ticket hawkers came from faraway lands

As thousands of hopeful followers filled up the stands

Banners of loyalist swung mightily all around

Where confetti of the festival merrymaking fell softly to the ground

The broadcasters and pundits went where they hated to go

There was no stopping Buffalo, they were going to the show

The team packed their bags headed for the big day

Helmets intact with nothing much to say as the nation saluted heroes in a land far away

Pre-game festivities included jets flying up high

As Bills fans laid their bets then wondering why

As we look back on our Super Bowl years

We have no regrets and we have long ago cried our tears

At the end of the day when we lay down on our beds

Visions of the Vince Lombardi Trophy still dance in our heads

Written by Dan Shalik (Bills fan)


About dfirefox

Arapahoe Community College Graduate of 2010 - Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration - Works full time - United States Government Department of the Treasury - Lives in Buffalo, New York
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